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Validity Labs is a leading provider of blockchain-based decentralized applications, based in Switzerland. Our journey started in 2015 with the Ethereum genesis block as the first blockchain education company. Today, we are the technical partner of choice for a range of startups as well as large corporates, offering support and know-how in the areas of blockchain-enabled solutions, decentralized applications, tokenisation and initial coin offerings.

Why is an end-to-end platform for the tokenization of securities facilitating the issuance, distribution and lifecycle management of real world assets in the form of tokens using blockchain technology. By having tokenized assets on to the blockchain their digital transfer is made possible, opening a world of opportunities for companies and investors to buy and sell their assets without any intermediary, in a more economical and efficient fashion.

As an issuer of tokenized securities it is a foremost to stay compliant and exercise your due diligence following anti-money laundering regulations. As a Validity Labs’ product, has been developed by a team with extensive experience implementing regulation and compliance processes at the core of its system.

A security token is the digital representation of a securitized asset on the blockchain. This token is not more than a smart contract or computer program that defines a set of rules related to an agreement. When executing the terms of this agreement, if the rules are fulfilled, the smart contract executes itself eliminating the involvement of third parties and automating the process.
Smart contracts are the heart of Validity Labs takes care of implementing all required smart contracts following best practices and latest developments for a secure system.

Share owners are entitled to the right to vote in the company’s general assembly and to receive dividend payouts. simplifies these processes by allowing companies to easily create proposals and generate dividends, and registered token holders to seamlessly execute their vote and claim dividends digitally.

Our seasoned team and a dedicated project manager mark the path to your success.

Token Issuance

User-friendly Investor Portal

  • Seamless investor on-boarding
  • Referral program
  • Bonus program
  • Clear payment instructions
  • Integrated investor support
  • Up-to-date exchange rate
  • More information

    Feature rich Admin Portal

  • Smart contracts integration
  • Investor management
  • Investors whitelist
  • Investments report
  • White-label solution
  • Integrated customer support
  • More information

    Our Clients

    Tokenization Process

    Investor Onboarding

    Intuitive and user friendly on-boarding process. After registration, personal information is collected and the investor will be guided through a photo or video identification process, and requested to fill up the source of funds form.

    Compliance Validation

    Results from the Know Your Customer (KYC) process is received in the Admin Portal shortly after the evaluation by the external operator. The issuer proceeds to validate all compliance checks, including AML, PEP and sanction lists checks.

    Investor Confirmation

    If an investor is to be approved, the issuer confirms the investor after whitelisting the corresponding Ethereum account seamlessly. An automated confirmation email is immediately send to the investor inviting them to send their contribution.

    Investor Payment

    In the confirmation email the investor is instructed to login into the Investor Portal to find the payment instructions. Clear information on the token price and bonus program (if in place) are also given on the portal.

    Token Issuance

    For Ether contributions, the tokens will automatically be issued by the token sale smart contract and sent to the investor’s Ethereum account. For contributions in fiat money, the tokens will easily be issued and sent from the Admin Portal.

    Token Management

    After the token distribution, the issuer and token holders can easily manage different actions during the lifecycle of the token, such as dividend payouts and voting. Further information such as cap table will also be available.

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