Swiss Token Issuance Platform

Secure, compliant and seamless investor on-boarding and management solution for your token offering
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Why is an end-to-end platform for the compliant on-boarding and management of investors, and the issuance of tokens. Designed to covering the different phases of an initial token offering including private sales, pre-sales and public sales, also provides security tokens issuers an integrated solution to manage tokenised securities post-STO.

Compliant On-boarding

All potential investors complete the KYC, AML and sanction lists/PEP checks previously to their approval.

Secure Smart Contracts

Integration of smart contracts developed by Validity Labs and audited by one of our third-party audit partners

Seamless Token Issuance

Issuance to ETH investors by an integrated smart contract and to non-ETH investors with a simple click of a button.

Post-STO Solutions

Platform for the execution of corporate actions, such as dividends, and corporate governance.

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Streamlined Investor Experience

  • User-friendly investor portal
  • Seamless investor on-boarding
  • Referral program

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Feature rich Admin Portal

  • Token and Crowdsale smart contracts integration
  • Investor management
  • Configurable exchange rate

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