Token Issuance

An integrated solution to onboard your investors and to issue and distribute your token

Onboard your investors and collect all the information required during the token sale, through a user-friendly Investor Portal. Give your team the adequate toolset, by using Admin Portal, to efficiently manage investors, analyse investments, review token sale metrics, issue tokens and effectively distribute them.

Investor Portal

Seamless investor on-boarding

Investor follows a smooth workflow after registration to complete either a photo or video identification process, and the source of funds.

Referral program

If implemented by the issuer, the investor is given a referral code to share with friends, being rewarded when the code is used by a new accepted investor.

Bonus Program

If a bonus program has been implemented by the issuer, the number of additional tokens could easily be calculated by the investor.

Clear payment instructions

Once the investor has been accepted by the issuer, a notification e-mail will be sent and the investor will be directed to clear payment information on the dashboard.

Integrated investor support

Interact with your investors through the integrated help desk. Opt for the creation of support tickets so your team can later send a response, or for a live chat to give them immediate response.

Up-to-date Exchange Rate

Investor can easily calculate the number of tokens to receive using an up-to-date fiat to Ether conversion rate.

Admin Portal

Smart Contracts Integration

Integration of secure smart contracts allowing the whitelisting of investors’ accounts, and automatic token issuance for all Ether contributions. Implemented by Validity Labs and audited by one of our external security partners.

Investor Management

Access the investor’s information to perform all compliance checks prior to accepting their participation in the token distribution and whitelisting their Ethereum account. Manage all investor’s contributions and easily issue tokens for non-ether payments.

Investors whitelist

Easily add an investor with a click of a button. The investor will not only be whitelisted but also an individual maximum contribution will be set to enforce KYC/AML compliance. Removing an investor is as simple as the action of adding it.

Investments report

Monitor the progress of your token sale by reviewing important contributions’ information and the number of tokens issued to investors.

White-label solution

Incorporate your branding to match your corporate identity. Add your company’s name, logo, email templates, brand colors and fonts to align the portal with your brand.

Integrated customer support

Customer service is our priority. Use the integrated help desk to quickly and efficiently create support tickets. Our team will promptly resolve your issues so your workflow is not interrupted.

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