Token Management

A solution for issuers and investors during the token lifecycle

After a token distribution, it is important for the issuing company to maintain a complete overview of its investors and to fulfil its legal obligations (for example share registers in the case of tokenized shares). Likewise, token holders require a user-friendly way to execute their rights and stay engaged with their portfolio companies. is a platform which allows user-friendly interaction with behind-the-scenes smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain, that control and enforce the different actions needed by both issuers and investors in an integrated manner.

For the Issuer

Corporate Actions

Manage dividend payouts in either fiat or cryptocurrencies (any ERC-20 token). For on-chain payments, allows you to seamlessly create and deposit dividends in your integrated Dividend smart contract. Simply define the claiming period and allow your investors to easily claim their payout.

Corporate Governance

Collective decision making on-chain means transparency and increases confidence in your token holders. With the integration of a Voting smart contract, you can smoothly create proposals with pre-defined voting conditions, allow your investors to cast their vote and obtain a proposal’s result for corporate decisions.


Access an up-to-date cap table for a clear overview of who owns how much of your company (or asset) and the total investment. Your investors can also easily view their holdings and stayed informed.

For the Investor

Portfolio Overview

A complete view of all your token holdings in one place. Check information of each of the tokens you own, review your ownership percentage and an accurate cap table per token. Additionally, claim your vested/unlocked tokens seamlessly thanks to the integration with the corresponding smart contracts.

Dividend Claims

Opt for on-chain or off-chain dividend payment for each of the tokens in your portfolio. If on-chain, get your ERC-20 token payout directly into your Ethereum wallet by simply selecting the “Claim” option. View a complete list of historical dividends so that you don’t miss the deadline for claiming your payout.

Voting Rights

Exercising your voting rights couldn’t be easier. Simply select a token from your portfolio, view all existing proposals and cast your vote within the voting period. Once the result has been computed you can check the proposal’s result. A truly legitimate way for transparent decision making.

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